Merchant Workspace’s COVID-19 Related Health & Safety Updates

The health & safety of our community at Merchant Workspace is our top priority. We have implemented new health & safety policies, using the CDC’s workplace guide as a resource. If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding health & safety at our space, please don’t hesitate contact us.

We are continuing to partner with a professional cleaning service, who provides a deep clean of the entire space using CDC-approved cleaning solutions on a regular basis.
A member from the Merchant Workspace team conducts daily spot cleaning, covering all high-touch areas (door knobs, handles, light switches, restrooms, kitchen, conference rooms, phone booth, printer station) 

We request all members wear a mask when working or using any shared space, such as the kitchen, lounge, shared, and dedicated workspaces. Members with private offices are not required to wear masks when in their office with the door closed. Conference room users are also allowed to remove their masks if the door is closed.
Our communal workspaces have been reconfigured to allow 6-foot distance between users at all times
Communal spaces (phone booths, conference rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, etc.) are set up with CDC-approved furniture disinfectant spray and hand sanitizer 

Shared Materials: 
Coffee & tea service will continue to be offered. We have converted the tea from loose to single-use tea bags. We are continuing to use ceramic dish ware and metal cutlery, but will require that all dishes and cutlery be machine-washed at a high-temp setting
Office supplies and equipment such as whiteboard pens, speakers, microphones will be treated as “high-touch” and spot-cleaned multiple times a day

Events & Visitors: 
Merchant Workspace is refraining from hosting any in-person events that are open to non-members until further notice
Conference room capacity has been adjusted to ensure 6-foot distancing can be practiced 
Non-member visitors will be required to register before entry, where they will review and sign a health declaration form.

COVID-19 Updates